What Is System 89P By Streetwise Publications?

System 89P is a horse racing strategy published by Streetwise Publications, Rotherham.

The information in the System 89P manual was originally passed onto Streetwise by a man who named himself Tony. He gave them no surname, phone number or address with which they could contact him.

Tony asked if the guys at Streetwise would test the system and see for themselves that it was worthy of being released to the public. Tony said that he would be back in touch with Streetwise but he never did. 

The staff at Streetwise Publications along with a handful of personally selected customers tested the system. Overall, they had a huge amount of success using the system. 

“I Made £29,000 From £400 In Four Months!” – M Laverick

With no more contact with Tony, the guys at Streetwise Publications were not sure whether they could do anything with the system. It certainly was worthy of being published and passed onto the public but they would need Tony’s consent.

They waited several years but Tony never did get back in touch. To this day, no one knows whether Tony is alive or not or whether he completely forgot. Some believe that he is so happy making a shed load of money using the system for himself, he didn’t bother following it up.

The guys at Streetwise Publications weren’t sure what to do. They were sitting on a system which they knew worked. They believed that people had the right to access and use this information so the decision was made, they were going to publish the manual.

Since the manual was published, a lot of people have been making money using the system. 

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“I have been using system 89p, it has taken me to America, Canada and Thailand on holiday for the last three months, fantastic holiday, I will have to start again with 89p and replenish my savings.” – P Tozer  – Somerset

“For the record; I am doing very well with the 89P Racing system purchased from you last year. I started using it in late February and I am showing 65% profit, which amounts to about £850. So thanks for that one!” – Christopher Day – Email

“I have almost completed my first trial month with the 89p system and I am delighted with the results. I plan to move towards £100 per point very shortly. What a simple but beautifully conceived system. Well done and thank you for making it available.” – Tom Phipps – Email

“I have grown my starting capital by 40% in 4 months. For anyone with discipline, patience and a decent bank to start with then it is definitely a worthwhile investment based on my experience to date.” – Andy Carey – Email

System 89P is an integrated horse racing selection and staking system. It is a comprehensive ongoing selection and staking plan to operate over a period of time. This is to be used over a specific period and when followed to the letter, System 89P produces amazing results over its test period.

The system itself is very quick to implement, taking as little as 4  minutes a day on average.

If you want to learn more about System 89P by Streetwise Publications click the link below.


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