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Mindset And How TO Stay Focused On Your Goals

It is easy to talk the talk when it comes to working from home, generating a passive income stream, or maybe even just creating a healthy additional side hustle.

You may even be a little “proud” about it and brag to your friends and former work colleagues.

I would edge on the side of caution with that.

Working from home requires a very unique set of skills.

This post is going to outline that and what steps you can take to make the whole experience more professional and longer-term.

It does not matter if you are a sports trader, a writer, a web designer, or any other freelance worker who works from home. This applies to you.

#1 Be Professional

The first thing I would say is to remain professional. When working from home do NOT get into the habit of not getting dressed.

I am serious.

I have seen many entrepreneurs talk about staying in their pyjamas for the day and working from the comfort of their bed.

This is not a good idea.

Set an alarm, get up, make the bed, take a shower and get dressed.

work at home

A very important part of mindset is training yourself to win.

A simple task like making the bed in the morning will be considered a “win” so you need to get into the habit of doing things correctly and keeping a positive outlook.

#2 Stay Focused and Set Goals

Goal setting is also incredibly important. Especially for the growth of your business, but also for you.

Let’s say you are making just about enough to be able to work from home.

Enough to cover your bills, expenses and a little left over for a few luxuries in life.

If you are making £2000 a month currently from your work from home endeavours aim to increase it by 10% each quarter.

So, in the next three months try to increase it to £2200.

This doesn’t have to be by trading more hours for work. You can increase your rates a little. If you have happy clients then they will not mind. Or, if you are trading stocks or sports then your pot will be growing anyway so you can just increase your stakes a little for larger returns.

You should always be setting new targets.

It helps keep the mind focused and driven.

You can also start some passive income streams like we have mentioned on the blog before such as writing your own books, sports betting, affiliate marketing, etc.

This last point actually brings me onto my next part.

#3 Always Be Learning & Improving

The mind should be treated like a muscle and by that I mean it needs to be used. Everyone, if they have done the same work for years on end may end up finding it a tad monotonous.

You should always be learning.

always be learning

Obviously, this comes with the territory in some trades. If you are a web designer then you will constantly need to keep on top of the latest software developments for example.

The internet space changes very quickly.

A sports trader also will need to improve its trading techniques as more and more traders come online and figure out an edge.

We always need to be moving, learning and developing our minds.

Do not stand still.

Take the latest Covid-19 crisis for example.

Companies that stood still would have suffered. Entrepreneurs who looked at going on the attack to the markets would have made gains. In themselves and their businesses.

Adapt and evolve was the message for them during this crisis.

There are always opportunities out there.

I hope these three tips will help with your work from home journey. It can be done, it can be lonely, it can even be depressing, many people miss the social aspect of it all.

But, those who master it get great satisfaction and reward from it.

And, they all apply the techniques and steps I have outlined above.

How To Change Your Life Using The Rule Of Five

What you are going to learn in this article:

  1. What the rule of Five is.
  2. Why the rule of Five is so powerful despite it being incredibly simple.
  3. How the rule of Five can change your life for the better.

The rule of five is a very powerful yet incredibly simple tool for transforming your life for the better. It is often overlooked and even ridiculed because it is so simple. People believe that it cannot work or is a waste of time because of its simplistic nature.

But it can be quite the opposite in fact. 

The rule of five makes things more achievable because you are focusing on easier to manage bite-sized chunks of time or tasks. This is vital if you are starting out with something completely new and alien to you.

For example; let’s imagine that you haven’t done any exercise for many years which has left you weak and you have now decided that you want to strengthen your whole body.

You could join a gym and spend an hour working out or hire a personal trainer to bootcamp yourself strong. It sounds great in principle but it can actually work against you.

Throwing yourself into something which is completely new to you which requires you finding a spare hour during a busy day, a couple of days a week will be a struggle. Not only that, doing an hour’s worth of exercise when you haven’t done any for a long time is very hard on the body.

When you struggle to find a large chunk of time and when you feel absolutely shattered after a hard workout which you aren’t used to, it’s incredibly easy to become discouraged, lose discipline and motivation, and simply give up.

The rule of five is about starting small and developing new healthy habits which will keep you motivated and on track with what you want to achieve. It’s far easier to complete smaller tasks and find smaller chunks of time, especially at the beginning. 

take five minutes

Finding a spare five minutes during a busy day is far easier than trying to find an hour. Doing five minutes of exercise is a lot easier than a full hour. Finding several five minute periods during a day is far easier than you realise. You can do multiple five minute sessions throughout each day.

Doing just five exercises is easier than doing a full workout. 

Doing just five press-ups is far easier than attempting to do fifty.

Writing for five minutes or writing five pages each day will grow into a book.

Reading five pages of a book or reading for five minutes will grow into new knowledge.

Practicing or learning a new skill for five minutes will become a new skill set.

Start small and build up.

We’ve all heard of the saying ‘it’s best to start small’, but very few people actually do. 

They dive feet first into something and go hell for leather for a few weeks… then quit. 

They hit the wall, reach burnout or just get too discouraged and end up hating and avoiding the one thing they are doing and trying to achieve.

If you are trying to build a side business or a second income in your spare time, you will no doubt have a huge list of tasks that need to be completed as part of the building process which will appear incredibly daunting. When something is daunting it can be seriously off-putting.

With the rule of five, these problems are reduced into more manageable and less stressful tasks.

Write a daily list of five tasks which need doing as part of the business building process. Work on those tasks only until they are complete before writing out a new list of five tasks. Any tasks which you do not get done in a day, transfer them over to the following day’s list of five tasks.

Going to the gym for an hour-long workout requires packing a bag with kit and shower essentials, getting to the place, doing the workout and then getting home. Doing several five minute sessions while waiting for the kettle to boil while making a drink is far more achievable when starting out.

With the rule of five, you are conditioning yourself with new behaviours. These behaviours become habits, and habits are the things which drives and controls human behaviour. Once you become used to new patterns of behaviour, they become second nature. The studying, the exercising, the writing and the new work patterns become easier to do.

The rule of five is the foundation of new habits.

When you complete a five minute session or your chosen five tasks, it is an achievement which is empowering and motivating. You feel good and want to do it again. When you cannot find an hour for a long session or if you feel absolutely worn out from doing a hard workout, you can soon develop a mental resistance to doing it again. 

It’s a lot easier to quit when you have missed a session or several or if you feel crap from doing a couple of hour long sessions, the first in many years.

If you think five minutes or five tasks is not enough time for you, do ten. It really is up to you, but you have to understand that you must start small at first to give yourself a fighting chance to succeed.

Now here is a little secret which increases the power of the rule of five… very often,  when you have completed a five minute session or done your five exercises, or read your five pages etc, you might decide to carry on for another five more minutes. 

What’s another five minutes now that you have started? 

Once you are in the flow and you have nothing important pending which requires your time, you can carry on a bit longer. This means that you do twice as much as you initially planned… or three times more… four times more. And when this happens, you are more motivated and empowered by your achievement.

Instead of feeling a failure for not being able to find a full hour out of a day, you now feel really great for doing more than you had scheduled.

Once you are fully used to your new habits and behaviours, you can start to increase the amount of time you spend on your tasks, exercises, reading, writing and learning.

When you start to see results such as a stronger healthier body with more stamina or your side business is now beginning to show traction, you will be motivated to do more. Possibly carve out more time in your day and even start to go to the gym for dedicated half hour or hour-long sessions.

Habits and behaviours develop over time through constant repetition of action. If you do too much too soon and quit, then you have little chance of developing new life-changing habits and behaviours because you have stopped the repetitive action.

Nothing will change and you will be in the same place as you were when you decided that you needed to make changes.

Yes, if you do more then you will achieve more faster, but the truth is, very few humans are actually that disciplined, focused and motivated to make major changes or do the work which requires a lot of time and effort.

I don’t want to say that people are lazy, but by and large, they kinda are. They prefer to take the easier route and slowly work up to changes. It is human nature. People in general like an easy life and so you NEED to understand and recognise this so that you can work with it.

Use this knowledge to your advantage. Start small and use the rule of five. Develop those new habits and behaviours and evolve into the better newer you, you want to be without quitting.

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