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How To Earn A Years Wage In One Month Or Less

If you are struggling to believe that you can earn a year’s wage in one month then you are part of a large club. Most working people find it hard to believe that you can earn the equivalent of a full year’s wage in one month… but that doesn’t mean you can’t.

It simply means that you don’t know how to and have never really thought about it. You might be thinking that it is only for  those who have high flying careers, professional sports stars or bestselling authors… musicians… or film stars.

Well, you are wrong. Everyday people like you and I can generate a year’s income in a very short period of time… once you know how.

Before I reveal how some people earn a year’s wage in a month or less let’s first discuss what I mean by a year’s wage.

Here in the UK the average salary for 2020 is £29,600 which is £1,950 a month. There are people who earn more… and there are a lot of people who earn a lot less. So for the purpose of this article, what I call a year’s wage is £30,000 or less. 

However, as you will see when you read through the article that there are people who can generate several year’s wages in as little as a month doing what I am about to tell you.

In this article, I am going to discuss one way to generate a year’s income in a very short period of time. Now, before I go into too much detail, I want you to know that like most things in life, you may need to do a bit of practice and work before you generate that full year’s income in one sitting… in most cases.

David Beckham had to learn to play football first before he was paid megabucks, he even played games for Manchester United for a modest monthly wage before he was banking tens of thousands per game.

However, I want you to also know that what I am about to tell you can take less time to master than a world cup winning penalty spot kick. What I am going to share with you now, requires you to do something which you already do on a daily basis. 

You have already learned 75-80% of what you need to do with this incredibly profitable business.

I am talking about writing and conversation.

I am more than certain that you spend at least some of your day talking to people and writing emails, texts and social media updates.

You have been writing and talking since your days at school and this is how you make a year’s wage in a month… maybe even less.

If you can write in basic conversational English – or whatever your native tongue is – then you have the necessary qualifications and skills for this business. To earn the equivalent to a year’s wage in a month… or less… you simply have to write letters.

Ok, so these are not the same kind of letters you write to your gran or your bestie, but they are letters nonetheless.

‘The most successful letter I wrote…and one of the shortest at two pages of A4…has pulled in over £5 Million so far, and it’s still coming in. I wrote that one way back in 1998 – in an afternoon!’ – John Harrison, Streetwise Publications

These are simple sales letters.

‘Coming right up to date, the most recent letter, which I wrote just last week, brought in over £40,000 in the first two days after being read by less than a thousand people. I fully expect that one to bring in over £1 Million over the next two or three years.’ – John Harrison, Streetwise Publications

Ok, as I said earlier, you are going to need to learn a new set of skills such as being able to write a successful sales letter, but as I also said, you already have 75-80% of the necessary skill which is basic writing and conversation.

The last 20-25% can be easily learned. Most of it is buyer psychology which is information that is readily available in books and manuals and knowing how to format a sales letter.

This is where it gets even better…

The formatting of a sales letter has been tried, tested and perfected over 100 years. 

There is a popular template to follow which includes a series of important elements. Once you know these elements and know the template inside out, you are in the position to make a year’s wage or more in a month or less.

Writing sales letters is also known as copywriting and top copywriters like Dan Kennedy can be paid a lot of money for a single sales letter which… as you saw in the first quote by John Harrison, can take as little as half a day to write.

‘I am paid from $50,000.00 to $150,000.00 to as much as $2 million plus royalties for such a campaign…’

– Dan Kennedy, author of Renegade Millionaire

Sales letters, advertisements, campaigns, whatever you want to call them, command a high price because they are results focused. 

A successful sales letter can generate millions in sales.

The reason you and others have never understood how a person can earn a year’s wage in a month or less – remember John Harrison has made over £5 Million for one afternoon’s work – is that you and many others are in the habit of exchanging your time for money. And you do not know anything else.

You are paid for the time you spend at work. It is the same each and every day. Even self-employed people like builders who charge on a per job basis work out a price based on how long it should take them plus materials. It is always a scenario where you exchange your time for money.

Whereas writing a sales letter is about the result, the long term gain. A sales letter writer who has a track record of being able to deliver a successful sales letter generating a lot of money and sales can command tens of thousands for his writing even if it takes no longer than a month to complete.

As far as the client is concerned, the result is the most important factor to price, not how long it took to write. If the sales letter has the potential to generate a million pounds over a year or two, they do not care if that sales letter took less than a week to write. It will be worth the £30,000 they paid for it.

A successful copywriter can work for a month, earn enough for the year and take the rest of the year off if they so wish. This is the ultimate freedom skill and freedom business.

Why do I say that it is the ultimate freedom skill and freedom business?

Because it is writing… writing is an incredibly profitable skill to have. It can be done from anywhere in the world, it requires very little equipment, can be done at any time of the day and night, and people will always need writing.

But not just that, as a copywriter who specialises in writing sales letters and sales copy, you can command a higher price than other forms or writing and as we know, people and businesses will always need sales letters and sales copy to help sell their services and products.

As a sales letter writer you can write your own sales letters and sell your own products. As a writer of sales letters you will understand buyer psychology and persuasion techniques, you will understand the power of words and what words alone can do.

As well as how to craft great adverts and sales letters, you will also be able to create your own products adding to the freedom of this business model.

You will be able to create a book or product and the accompanying sales letter and have it online in record time ready to sell 24/7/365.

Being a copywriter is the ultimate freedom business… it’s just that you didn’t know about it… until now.

The great news is that the best performing sales letters are those which are easy to understand and are in a basic conversational language. You DO NOT need to be great at writing, you do not need to be a professor in linguistics or a literary wordsmith to become a top class high earning sales letter writer. 

You just need to know how to write in simple sentences, write like you are talking to a friend and layout everything in a simple way.

Anything which you do not know can be learned and it can be learned from those who have done it themselves. The best way to master something is to do exactly what a successful person has done before you. There are many successful sales letter writers who can teach you their knowledge and show you the template and formula they use to create million pound generating sales letters.

Unfortunately, most of them will charge you an arm and a leg to teach you what they know. Which is understandable considering that it is incredibly powerful information. This is knowledge which can generate a lot of money and give you a lot of freedom. The benefits of being a highly paid sales letter writer cannot be matched by most other careers.

And because of that, established copywriters and sales letter writers will charge thousands to show you what they do and what you need to know to become as good as them… apart from Steven Gregson. 

Steven Gregson has had a hugely successful career as a direct response sales letter writer and marketer. He has generated millions with his sales letters and he has compiled everything he knows into a home study course called One Letter From Retirement.

In the manual, Steven outlines his …

  • Five Rules For Writing Convincing Copy.
  • The 12 Elements Of Great Copy
  • The 18 Sure-Fire Steps To Writing A Powerful Sales Letter
  • The 5 Rules For Successful Headlines
  • And more…

The One Letter From Retirement manual also comes with 3 appendixes of sales letters and headlines which have made millions for Streetwise Publications, the company who published Steven Gregson’s manual.

If you are not sure as to how profitable writing sales letters can be, then take this onboard, John Harrison, one of the guys behind Streetwise Publications who is also a copywriter says in the preface that his most successful sales letter generated so much money that each word was worth £5,000.

Each word of that successful sales letter earned £5,000! That is insane! 

Yes, it took a few years for that sales letter to make that amount of money but going back to the average UK yearly wage for 2020 which is £29,600… it took only 6 words to generate that amount of money!

So, if you want to learn how to earn a year’s wage or more in a month or less, then check out Steven Gregson’s One Letter From Retirement here:

One Letter From Retirement