The Six Figure Email & Book Business

In this article you will be shown how to build a six figure business using simple emails and eBooks.

The concept is pretty basic in its approach but do not let that fool you, this is an incredibly profitable and powerful business model if implemented correctly.

If you read my other article: How This One Thing You Do Every Day Can Make You A Lot Of Money, you will know how profitable writing can be. In this article I will show you how creating a simple eBook can grow into a six figure a year business.

The email and book business is also known as the one book funnel. It requires writing one book which you either sell or give away in exchange for an email address. 

If the book is being sold for a low price of £4.99 (as an example) then at the point of purchase you will offer other higher priced items as part of the book funnel.

If you are giving the book away you may try and offer another product for purchase but normally you do that later via email.

The whole idea behind this business is that you build an email list of people who are interested in learning more about what it is that you are offering. 

Filter Out The Wheat From The Chaff

The people on the list need to be niche specific. When I say niche specific, think of it like this; if you were a food stall owner intending to sell vegan food, you would need to have an audience of people who are either vegan or interested in vegan food. 

You wouldn’t want to try and sell venison burgers to vegans or vegetarians nor would you want to try and sell tofu burgers to die hard meat eaters.

It would be futile to even attempt it. You wouldn’t make any money if you tried to sell your products to people who didn’t want them or appreciate them.

You need to have an audience which is congruent with what you are selling.

The reason for this is that you will create a funnel of products which you will promote via email to the people who have bought your book. Products which are relevant to the content of your book.

One of the best ways to get a list of niche specific people is to sell the book. When you give a book away for free, you get a lot of freebie seekers and tire kickers who are curious to see what your book is all about. 

There is nothing wrong with that, but you will end up with an email list with a lot of people who have no intention of buying from you which could cost you money in autoresponder fees.

You do not want people who are not interested in buying from you. They are cold leads and trying to turn them into buyers is hard work, if not impossible. Whereas if you sell your book, those who have bought it have an interest in what you have to say other than simple curiosity. 

They have made the conscious decision to hand money over to see what it is that you are sharing. This means that they are warm leads. They choose to know more and it is likely that they will buy from you again. 

It is far easier to sell to someone who has already bought a product off you than it is to try and sell something to someone who hasn’t.

You need warm leads for this business.

It Is A Lot Easier To Start A Six Figure Business Than You Think

The whole process isn’t really hard in practice. The ebook is easy to write. The landing page/sales page is easy to create using web builders like WordPress and the delivery of your product is done via an email autoresponder like Aweber.

This whole process has built many six and seven figure businesses. The business itself is an information publishing business focusing on email as the main marketing tool.

That and the one book funnel. The funnel is a series of offers which are either shown to the book buyer at the time of buying such as a one time offer or as an offer bump, or they are promoted later to the book buyer via a series of emails.

The person who has handed money over for your book has shown an interest in what you have to teach and so they will very likely be interested in buying your other products which complement and enhance the content in the book.

The One Book Business Card

The book which you sell is like a business card but a thousand times better. It doesn’t just have your name and contact details on it, it has important information, case studies and stories showcasing your skills and knowledge.

It helps build a rapport with your reader and shows them that you know what you claim to know and that you can do what you say you can do. These books are a great way to find clients and sell your services and products.

Even without a book funnel, one book can generate a lot of work and help bring in clients if you are a service provider. If you sell products, one book can make sales for you even when you are sleeping.

Build a funnel which incorporates other products and you have a greater chance of building a six figure a year business. People have done it in a few months of launching their book funnel. I am not going to say that this happens a lot to everyone. It is a rare occurrence but it has been known.

The Offer Bumps And One Time Offer

When you build a funnel for your one book you should add offer bumps and a one time offer at the point of sale. When a person is going through the process of paying for your book, they should be shown one or several other products which go with the book.

For example; if you are selling a book on How To Make Money As A Freelance Writer Starting Today, you could offer them a second PDF product The Freelance Writers Client Getting Checklist for £7. 

This could then be followed by another PDF product such as The Fastest Way To Find High Paying Clients at a price of £47 and then to finish off, you could offer them a one time only offer of a 1 hour video case study called How I Attracted £30,000 Worth Of Client Work In 24 Hours priced at £97.

If one person who bought your book at £4.99 went on to buy all of the other products, you have then generated a total of £155.99.

Not everyone who buys your book is going to buy any of the offers you show them at the time of buying, however, you only need a small percentage to buy to push your profits up.

If you had 2,000 people buy your book and only 1% of those people bought any of your other products, you have 20 people giving you more money which could soon add up.

If you were selling the book alone, you would only have 2,000 people paying you £4.99 but with a funnel you will generate more money from that sale. We haven’t even discussed the even higher priced items you will promote to your growing list of book buyers.

Keeping with the freelance writing theme, those who have bought your book How To Make Money As A Freelance Writer Starting Today and found it useful and really want to work as a freelance writer, may purchase a higher priced item.

Such as an online training course at £1,997 or even a £10,000 done for you package where the book author and his team find them clients who will pay them £10,000 or more each month.

Imagine now having 25 people pay you £1,997 and 3 people paying you £10,000 for your done for you service?

Now you have an additional £79,925 to add to the income generated from your other product sales. All of which has come from the same advertising spend.

The Book Pays For The Advertising

You shouldn’t expect the book itself to make you any money, the book sales should pay for the advertising you run to drive people to your books sales page.

It is possible that the actual money earned from the book sales itself could be a loss when compared to the money spent on adverts.

It is the offer bumps and the one time offer which pushes the income up and turns a loss into a profit. One you are at break-even or running at a profit, you can then ramp up your advertising and send more people to your book and make more sales.

The more people who buy your book means that you are growing a bigger email list which means that you get the opportunity to promote your other more expensive products to more people.

The Automated Email Follow Up Sequence

Now that you have a growing email list, more people will be exposed to your automatic email follow up sequence which they will be added to when they buy.

This is where you set up a series of emails which are sent out each day. The sequence is usually between 7 and 30 emails. You can add more if you wish. Each email goes out 1 or 2 days after the previous one and will all have further useful information regarding the niche topic your book is about.

They will also give the buyers another chance to buy the offer bumps and maybe even the one time offer – cheeky I know but who says you cannot offer it to buyers again? It isn’t on sale to the general public.

You will also send out regular broadcast emails when you are ready to launch your higher priced items if they are not already lined up in your follow up sequence. This is where the big numbers can come in. And remember, this list was built from the initial book sales. 

The advertising costs which were originally at a loss are now about to be responsible for a wave of cash into your bank account when people buy your higher priced items.

Instead of 25 people buying your £1,997 product in the earlier example,you now might have 50, 75 or more and instead of 3 people paying you £10,000 for you to find them high paying clients, you could have 7, 11 or even 18. 

Imagine having over 100 people paying you £1,997 and 18 people paying you £10,000. It is doable. 

Your income now has gone flying past the six figure mark.

All from selling one book.

You can if you wish, write another book, create other products and set up another funnel to run alongside your first book funnel.

With most of the products being either PDFs and online video with adverts sending them to sales pages which take automatic payments, a funnel runs automatically and only needs managing.