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Five Ways You Can Earn Money From Your Laptop

The internet has given everyday people like you and me the opportunity to be able to literally earn money straight from our laptops.

It’s true, as long as you have an internet connection then you can earn an income stream from your laptop.

Imagine that for a second.

You could work anywhere in the world and not be tied to any location. You really would have the ultimate freedom.

This post is going to outline five ways in which you can make this possible.

#1 Affiliate Marketing

The affiliate marketing model is great because you can get started straight away as you do not need any products of your own. The beauty of affiliate marketing is you are able to sell other people’s products and for that, they will give you a commission.

Now, it depends largely on the products you are selling as to what level of commission you will earn. Platforms like Amazon allow you to promote and sell anything on their site and the commissions range from 2% to 10%.

Amazon is great for marketers who want to build a long term affiliate business on a passive scale. What I mean by that is that they usually build businesses that run themselves after a while.

For example, a niche website that offers reviews of products. This is a typical example of what a successful Amazon affiliate marketer would do.

There are plenty of other affiliate options though.

You could promote digital products.

These come with much higher rewards because the overheads are far lower. A digital product only needs to be created once and it can be sold thousands of times over.

So, naturally the product owners will offer higher commissions.

Sites like Clickbank and JVZoo have digital products in their marketplace that even offer 100% commissions. Meaning you will be credited with the full price of the sale.

But most of the time a 50% commission is common, so promote a $100 product and you will earn $50 for EVERY SALE you make.

The way it is set up is you are given a special and unique link that you can share. When people click on this link the trackers know it is your link and any subsequent sales are therefore credited to you.

The best way to really scale this way of making money from your laptop is to build your own email list. Once you have a list of email subscribers you can send them affiliate offers via email.

So, let’s say you have an email list of 1000 subscribers.

With a 10% open rate.

This means that you could send an affiliate product offer to your email list and even if only 3% of the 10% who actually open the emails go on the buy the product you would make 3 sales every email you send.

So, going back to our $50 commission product that would be a nice $150 you would make from sending ONE email.

That’s the really amazing power of affiliate marketing.

#2 Freelance Web Design

Long gone are the days of having to learn years and years of code to be able to develop and build a website.

There are so many drag and drop builders now on the market that practically anyone can create a decent looking website.

I am not downgrading the industry at all and there are still plenty of skills involved but it has become a lot easier and this is also good news for freelancers looking to get into the industry.

web designer at work

WordPress, Squarespace, and Wix are three website builders that once you get to grips with the basics are all suitable and practical to build great-looking websites.

For a basic 5-page website for a local business that consists of a Home page, About page, Services, Contact and a Blog you could charge at least $1000.

Once you get to grips with it you could quite easily knock one of these websites up for a client in a matter of days.

Land yourself two clients a month and that’s $2000 a month for about one week’s work if you are organised.

There are upsells and monthly contracts you can get with this too.

For example, you could self-host the client websites on your server space and offer a monthly maintenance program.

All websites need updating and a little bit of TLC now and again to make sure they are still optimised and running smoothly.

This is really not a lot of work for the freelancer. Maybe just ten minutes per site per month is all you need to do.

For this though you could charge $50 a month on top of the cost for the initial build.

Once you land ten clients that’s another $500 per month coming in each and every month.

When a company or individual has a website, it’s very unusual for them to get rid of it as it will be bringing them in business for years to come and they will offset the costs of running in into their business costs which is good news for you.

#3 Print on Demand

Over the last five years of so Print On Demand (POD) websites have really sprung up in large. This business model is essentially aimed at people who have a small eye for design.

You see, with POD sites you are able to list your designs on things like T-Shirts, Hoodies, Mugs, Phone Cases, and other merchandise and you can then sell them and get a cut of the sale price.

With POD you hold no inventory, you do not have to do any packing or shipping, you do not deal with any customer questions nor do you have to deal with any customer returns.

print on demand t-shirts

Your job is to come up with designs and get your products seen.

It is great model for that.

There are many companies that offer print on demand these days such as Amazon Merch, Printify, Teespring, Sunfrog among many others.

So, a bit like the affiliate marketing model this is the same.

You design a T-shirt say, promote it and share it around on social media and if you make some sales the company will print it and dispatch it for you.

And you collect the commissions.

Sounds good hey?

It really is.

If you are into design then check out Print On Demand – it could change your life.

#4 Kindle Publishing Author

Amazon has also gifted us with the ability to become self-published authors in recent times too. This opportunity is great for anyone who fancies themselves as a writer.

In fact, you don’t even need to write the book yourself. More on that later.

But for now, lets say you are happy to write the books yourself.

Amazon Kindle is an amazing platform which will allow you to publish your work and sell it via the Kindle program.

So, these will be digital copies of your book.

Again, create something once and sell it over and over. Sound familiar?

These books do not have to be the next War and Peace either. You can literally write a series of short stories on just about anything that has an audience.

So, categories like Romance, Sci-Fi, Crime etc do really well here.

A series of short stories work well as they can get people “hooked” so after they have purchased the first book the author can leave them hanging for more so they can go on to buy the other ones in the series.

Kindle books do not just have to be fiction stories either. You can also write non-fiction books on just about any topic.

A short 20,000 word book can sell for $5.99 leaving you with up to 60% commission for each sale.

Again, like the Merch above, imagine if you have a small portfolio of 10 books each selling one copy a day.

short stories on kindle

Before you know it you would have a nice side income stream.

Now, I mentioned above that you do not even need to do the writing yourself.

You can outsource this part. Head over to one of the many freelance websites and put a listing outlining the requirements of your book and see if any freelancers come forward with a pitch.

After this you can negotiate a price and they can start the work for you.

Once delivered you can either assign your name to the book or go with a pen name (as many authors do).

Covers are crucial with Kindle books, arguably one of the most important factors in sales.

These are what gets the customer initially clicking on the book to see if they want to buy it or not. So, do not scrimp here. Make sure you have great looking covers, again you can outsource this work if you are not set up to do it yourself.

#5 Day Trading

The fifth and final method I would like to talk about is day trading. You can trade stocks, Forex markets or Crypto markets daily for profits if you know what you are doing.

However, it is worth treading with caution here if you have no experience. Most traders actually go on to lose money in the markets.

But, those with a solid staking plan, a good investment strategy, and a firm discipline can go on to make a very healthy income stream indeed.

day trading

There are many apps and websites now that offer trading services. Gone are the days where you need to hire a broker to get your funds in place.

Websites like eToro or Trading 212 offer commission free trading with very little minimum entry points so you can get started with very little risk to your money.

When I say little risk, I mean you do not have to deposit large sums to get started. There is always risks with ANY form of trading and Forex, stocks or Crypto trading is no different.

You should start off with a practice account first to get yourself familiar with the process.

Learn the absolute basics before you ever go on to using your real money.

When you get up to a decent standard and your confidence is high you can make a very handsome amount each day. It is possible for day traders to make up to $1000 per day.

There is so much money exchanged each day in the markets that you only have to extract a tiny amount to become a very successful day trader.

Look out for highly volatile stocks that move each day. This is where you can strike.

If you want some more insights into trading then check out SP Syphon which can help you prosper in this highly exciting side hustle – or even a very lucrative full-time income if you really want to scale it!

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