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Review: Bill Burrows’ The Hermes Strategy Streetwise Publications

The Hermes Strategy is a gambling system focusing on horse racing written by professional gambler Bill Burrows and published by Streetwise Publications.

Bill Burrows is a former ambulance driver and pensioner who was looking for a way to supplement his pension a few years ago. A chance meeting with a stranger in a coffee shop while on holiday in Cornwall opened him up to the world of making large lumps of tax free cash placing calculated bets on horse racing.

Most weeks Bill earns an average £350 from horse racing. This adds up nicely to £1,400 each month. He may make more or he may make a little less. Either way, he is generating around £18,000 a year. That’s £18,000 tax free!

This is not gambling even though technically it is classed as gambling because you place bets on horses, it is best described as trading. This is not about sitting in the bookies watching the TV egging on your horse to win. This is about choosing horses using a scientific approach and not whether you like their name or think they will win.

The Hermes Strategy is a system for picking selections based purely on research which takes into consideration a specific set of criteria which is well documented to affect the performance of horses.

Read The Hermes Strategy Sales Letter Here

Did you know that not all horses which are entered into a race are running to win? Sometimes they are there for a run out and to get experience. It would be foolish to place a bet on them to win.

The system is based on a programme which was developed in the 1980s. The guy talking to Bill at the coffee shop in Cornwall had developed the programme for a friend who was mad about horse racing and gambling. 

The programme was added to a page on a popular horse racing website but over the years people began to ignore it. It was languishing in the cyber version of gathering dust on an old shelf in the small store room at the back of a large building.

One of the reason’s it lost favour is that it wasn’t delivering the results it should have been. Bill realised this when he began trying the system out for himself. Now Bill noticed the potential of the programme, and he realised that there was something not quite right in the instructions.

This is when Bill decided to change a few factors and test the system. He could see something was wrong but he couldn’t figure it out. He had to make tweaks and run tests and trial out new instructions.

Well, I am happy to say that Bill figured out what was wrong and created a new set of instructions and factors turning this potential money making system into one that delivered the results he wanted.

It is this new and improved system, which he calls The Hermes Strategy, which generates the £350 a week tax free income he enjoys from horse racing.

Once he knew he had a reliable working system which was consistently generating winnings, he recorded everything down into a manual which was published by Streetwise Publications.

Streetwise Publications have been around since 1989 and are a trusted publisher of information products, manuals and home study courses. If they were dodgy, they wouldn’t still be in business all these years later. 

Fortunately, MOSJO Information Publishing is licensed to sell the Hermes Strategy. You can learn more about it here: Bill Burrows’ The Hermes Strategy Streetwise publications