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Can You Make Money Matched Betting In 2021?

During this post, we will be talking all about matched betting but more specifically, can you make money matched betting in 2021?

Matched betting as you may or may not know is a term that is used when you basically take advantage of the free offers that bookmakers give either new or existing customers.

You may have seen these before if you are familiar with online betting or trading.

These are when the bookmaker will try to entice the customer with an offer to get them to sign up.

Something like a free bet, a no-risk bet, or maybe even just some free cash in the form of extra betting funds!

The thing is you can’t just withdraw these offers.

So, if a bookmaker is saying it will match your initial deposit up to £30 you simply can’t just deposit £30 and withdraw £60 a few hours later.

It sadly doesn’t work like that and is not that easy.

However, it is easy once you get to grips with it and understand a few fundamentals to do with a  betting exchange.

You see, what essentially you will do is “extract” or “move” that £30 matched deposit or free bet from a bookie to a betting exchange or vice versa.

Let use simple scenario.

Let’s say Manchester Utd are playing Liverpool.

The odds for a draw in this match is 4.0 (set as decimal odds)

These are the odds for a draw with the bookmaker you have just signed up with.

Now, you will also need an account with a betting exchange. The most popular one is Betfair.

Let’s say the odds to “lay” the draw on the betting exchange is 4.1. (The term “lay” means that it won’t happen).

So, you would bet your £30 for a draw on the bookmaker @ odds of 4.0

And lay the draw with a similar amount on the exchange @ odds of 4.1

Here is the math for this:

matched betting example

You can see that with the free matched deposit bonus the bookie has given you, you could place this bet and lay it off in the exchange for a guaranteed profit of £21.95 whatever the outcome.

You do not win your stake back from the free money but you are able to extract a large portion of it.

The beauty of this is that there are hundreds of bookies with offers like this just waiting for you to cash in on the offers.

Is It Only New Customers Who Get The Offers?

No! Although you should definitely exploit these offers first.

Create a simple spreadsheet using Excel or Google Sheets. Track all the bookies you have signed up to, set your username and password, and put down the offer that you signed up with.

As I mentioned some bookies will match your original deposit, others will just give you a set amount to bet with, some will make your first bet risk-free meaning it will get refunded if you lose.

All of these offers are there to make you money. Do not just gamble with them.

Lay them off in the exchange to make your bet a guaranteed winner for you!

You can easily make a cool £1000 just going through the bookies doing all the signup offers for new customers.

But, it doesn’t stop there.

Some of the bigger bookmakers such as Bet365, William Hill, Ladbrokes, or Paddy Power keep on sending its customers offers, free bets, and price boosts!

Why do they do that?

Well, it’s obvious really. Most people lose and lose badly when it comes to betting.

Most people are not savvy enough to do a little bit of clever matched betting to make the most out of the free offers and money on the table.

free bet

Here is a free bet from a sportsbook just waiting to be laid off in an exchange for some free cash!

Its quite possible to make a small side income stream from matched betting in 2021 for sure.

But is it going to make you rich?

Well, I would say no. You can’t rely on this as a full-time income stream as eventually the offers will dry out or you may even find they stop altogether. Bookies are clever, whilst the average punter may not be too savvy, they are like you and will work out what you are doing sooner or later.

It should be said this is a perfectly fine and legal method, they can’t stop you doing this, it’s fine. But they can stop the offers coming in, and that’s what usually happens after a while.

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