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Three Ways To Make Money From Amazon While You Sleep

Earning money while you sleep is really the passive income dream. Thankfully in 2021 you really have no excuse now if you want to make this a reality.

We are incredibly lucky to be living in the information age, and the technology we have at our disposal can really leapfrog your desire to earn money while you sleep.

Throughout this post I will show you three ways in which you can make it happen, just using the Amazon platform.

You will just need to apply what you learn; nothing is a get rich quick scheme. They will all require effort on your behalf.

Number #1 – Publish short books on Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle is a great place to list your books digitally. You can knock up a book on pretty much any subject matter – there will be an audience for it, get a book cover designed which you can outsource, and then list your books up for sale on the platform.

These do not have to be really long pieces of work. You can write a book around 20,000 words and that will be more than enough to publish as a short story or non-fiction piece.

The beauty of creating digital books and publishing them on Amazon Kindle is once they are published they will stay so for as long as you keep them there.

And they can sell many times over and over.

So, you may have to do a bit of work upfront to actually write the book but once you have done that you can sell it forever. No getting publishing deals, buying wholesale, selling in shops, or anything like that.

The business model is make it once – sell it multiple times.

Just imagine you have 100 Kindle books published on the platform and each one just sells a conservative 10 per month.

If you sold each one for just $5.99 and you only made $3 from each sale as profit (Amazon take their cut) you would still be making $3000 completely on autopilot.

This is why the Amazon Kindle platform appeals to many new age writers these days.

Well worth checking out if you are a master of the written word.

Even if you don’t really consider yourself a great writer you can even outsource this part. You do not have to publish under your real name, you can use a pen name so really it doesn’t matter who writes the book for you.

woman working on laptop

Number #2 – Start a Print on Demand T-Shirt Business

This is a great passive income stream for designers. Did you know you can sell t-shirts online on websites where you do not need to hold any stock, do any shipping or packaging, or even deal with any customer queries?

That’s right, your job is to simply list your designs on t-shirts and leave the rest to the website. Amazon Merch is a huge platform but there is always a waiting list for new designers, however, there are many more where you can get started listing your designs right away.

Some other popular print on demand platforms include:

  • Printful
  • Printify
  • RedBubble
  • Society6
  • SunFrog
  • Zazzle

You really have the pick of the bunch when it comes to this passive income stream.

Your job is to come up with designs. You can literally jump on popular trends. If there is an election coming up for example this can be a great time to get into print on demand. People go nuts for their supported party and love to wear shirts to show their true colours.

Do not let YOUR feelings get in the way. Just make some designs and make some money!

Again, like the Kindle method above you will only need to make the design once and then you can sell the shirt over and over. Well, the company you list it with will do the selling.

You will make a cut from every sale. Let’s say you sell the shirts for around $20, you could expect to make around $8 yourself each and every sale.

So, again let’s do some basic math. If you have 100 designs up and they each just make ONE sale a month. That is $800 a month you will be making a month.

Do the work upfront – get paid multiple times over.

The great thing about shirt designs is they do not have to take very long to do at all. Even just a simple slogan or a few words can sell thousands of prints.

Its all about the message and striking a nerve with the buyers.

Again, political, controversial shirts do well here.

So – if you like design then this could be a great way for you to earn some money while you sleep.

Number #3 – Sell Affiliate Products Using Amazon Associates

Did you know that you are able to promote any Amazon product and earn a commission if someone uses your link then goes on to buy it?

Well, you can.

You need to sign up to the Amazon associates program which is free and then you are all set.

This will allow you to get an affiliate link from any product on the website. Then you can share this link or better still insert these links in a website and then when anyone goes on to buy from this link you are credited with the commission.

Commission rates vary depending on the product category but even if you are only making 2% per sale it all adds up.

The trick here is to be niche.

Build a website that is based around one topic, one industry, or one niche and then write reviews of products on Amazon.

Let’s take Lawnmowers for an example.

You could create a website all about lawn care, provide useful information around the topic. Check out the forums and questions and answers about it.

Then when you have a few decent share-worthy articles up on the website you could start to do some review type posts about lawnmowers.

Titles like “Best Lawnmowers Under $200” or “Best Rotary Blade Lawnmowers for 2021” are a good place to start and then within the blog post can place your affiliate links.

Hopefully, when people have read your reviews, they will then make the decision to head over to Amazon to complete their purchase.

The best part about the Amazon affiliate system is that when a user clicks through to the site via your link ANYTHING they buy during this visit will be credited to you as a sale.

So, let’s say they head over to buy a lawnmower but also grab some clothes and some other bits too while they are there.

You will earn commissions on EVERYTHING they buy during that visit.

This is a nice little bonus with the Amazon affiliate system.

So – create a niche website, write a ton of articles that will rank in the search engines, and then you will be well and truly on your way to earning from Amazon using their affiliate system.


I hope I have outlined three ways here using Amazon where you can in fact earn money while you sleep.

It is entirely possible.

Perhaps the easiest entry is the T-Shirts model if you have some design experience. However, long term they are all great options and I know many marketers who do all three!